It starts off in the familiar scenario of the mountains, where I’m on my snowboard, shredding fresh powder left, right and centre. The actual snowboarding was scarily realistic, in the fact that I tried a couple of crappy little jumps with varying success, and then suddenly decided I was ready for the big time, attempting a 360 off a hench kicker. Thankfully I pulled it off (dream win).

Next thing you know, I’m walking around a really crowded area at night, holding a surf board. The place seems really familiar, kind of looks like my student union building. I walk round the back of the union, and there’s a rugby game on, being watched by dozens. Its Ireland vs Russia… I watch for a while then go inside the building where I have a drink with the strangest collection of people, some who have never met each other, and some who I haven’t seen for years. Suddenly, someone who is with us (who I recognize, but don’t know) whips out a can of spray paint and starts spraying a cupboard red. We get kicked out, and I get a life ban. Gutted.

Next, I’m back at the usual place, my parents house. Again, as per usual, loads of family members are over for dinner. I’m with my brother, discussing how awesome my 6-year-old cousin’s collection of Puma trainers is. And my god, it was. I go downstairs and sit down to eat in a strange room of the house, which doesn’t actually exist. Stuck to the ceiling is a GIANT glass bowl. Seriously, this thing is like 5 metres long, and is stuck up there like some kind of decorative piece. I start laughing at it, whilst my mum tries to convince me it’s really stylish. Seriously, a bowl? Come on mum.