A Cheetah in Iceland!

April 8, 2011

I’m in what looks like rural Kenya, leaning against a tree whilst watching a possible fight break out between two little shits. The surroundings are actually pretty stunning, with hills rising all around me as the sun sets in the distance (well done to the ‘architect’ of my dream…. LOL I MADE AN INCEPTION JOKE). Just as the two boys are about to fuck each other up, somebody screams and suddenly I look up one of the surrounding hills and spot two cheetahs speeding towards us! Screams ring out everywhere, as people go all Godzilla and run for their little lives. Well,I do aswell.

I dart into a supermarket which has now appeared and run straight to the back and jump on top of an exposed fridge, like those ones in Iceland. Loads of others jump onto the fridge, while dozens of cheetahs pile into the shop. Fucking dozens! Shit is insane; cheetahs are literally leaping towards me while I dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge them.

An opening arises, and I make a break for the exit, running straight past a bunch of cheetahs going H.A.M all over the shop. Weirdly, once I leave the supermarket, I’m now in somebody’s front garden, and the floor is covered in these huge red spider/cockroach-type bugs, which look like they’re climbing out of one of those wormholes from Gears of War.