Road to Zion

March 12, 2011

I’m looking at my ticket that’s just arrived in the post. Nas and Damian Marley. Wembley Arena. BOOM. Problem is, nobody else wants to go, so I decide I’m gonna sell it. I leave the house to meet up mit mein bruder, and my cousin Ron. Were in some kind of shopping mall, chillin’. I spot my mate O, and notice he’s watching some acoustic band perform.

I look at the band. It’s Mcfly.

Not only is it fucking Mcfly, but they’re performing whilst sitting in a massive shopping trolley! For some reason, that reminds me that I have to sell my ticket. I start to panic, madly in need of an internet cafe. All of a sudden, I’m sitting on my skateboard, racing the other two down a massive hill through the middle of a busy town. I get some mad air off a jump in the road, and fly straight over the head of some guy who is sitting having a pint outside a pub. He fucking loves that shit.

Next I’m walk into a seminar with my mates Q and C. We sit down near the back, and I whip out my ticket to show Q. He starts laughing. I look over at the ticket, and somehow it is now a ticket to see Giggs. LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN.


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